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The 35th Annual NWTF National Convention
FEBRUARY 16th to 20th
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WOW where do I begin? It was an amazing hunting and fishing and football season. Only one thing is missing and most of you that know me know that it is my all time favorite QB, Favrelicious, playing in the Super Bowl (I'm still mourning the loss).......

I've had some really amazing trips this year. In Aug I shot my first Mule deer in southern Utah on public land. I will never forget that trip. Utah will always be my home no matter where I am living and I can't explain to you how much it meant to me to be able to take my first deer in my home state. He is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get him back from my taxidermist.

I also was able to to hunt in Colorado, Kansas, Texas and Illinois. Again every hunt, every experience, every person I was able to meet and spend time with has truly a blessing in my life. I am so thankful for the great people that I have hunted with this year. No way would I have had such amazing experiences with out these people. love to fish! The only good thing about hunting season being over is that I get to fish again! I can't wait!

I just returned home from almost a month long trip. I spent Christmas with my new "adopted family" in Illinois. I was able to hunt, in my opinion, the most amazing property in Central Illinois. I know haven't' been hunting for 20 years but I'm telling you that I have never seen so many quality Whitetail deer in my life. I really only thought they existed in magazines and forwarded messages...LOL I plan on spending a lot of time there doing everything from shed hunting, setting stands, mowing, hunting and if they let me....some cooking too.

Shortly after the new year I headed to south Texas to hunt. I feel a lot of pride when i visit Texas. I'm starting to wonder if I am not from Texas and just not know it....;) Top notch baby! I didn't want to leave. Just the kitchen alone "had me at hello" I hadn't laughed so hard and so much in years it seemed. I had my film crew with me down there filming for my upcoming show. We all had a ball. I am positive we scared some pretty big deer off from being so loud and obnoxious. After all isn't having fun whats it's all about? I can't wait to go back down and hunt. What an amazing operation.

I hope this finds you all well. I have met a lot of you out hunting, archery shops and trade shows and I thank you for your support and kindness. Be safe and take care.....until next time. XOXOXOX

Martin Archery/Rytera
Photo Shoot
Music By JIMMY LLOYD REA - More Info

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